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Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math, and Writing – Melody Lambo Kim Davisson

Today’s Assignment

The assignments for NTI Day 7 are a continuation of learning that is occurring in our classroom on regular school days. No new material is being introduced. NTI Day 7 assignments are a reflection of our Kindergarten curriculum as indicated on our syllabi. In Math, the students will be reviewing material that we have learned. Students will count, identify, and complete shape patterns. Calendar activities are also explained and should be reviewed at home.
In Reading, the students will practice reading letters/sounds, simple CVC words, spelling words, and sight words. Students will also complete their regular 20 minutes of nightly reading homework.
In Writing, the students will write sentences using this week’s spelling words. Students will also write and illustrate a story about what they would like to be when they grow up. Students will use correct capitalization, finger spacing, and punctuation in all sentences.
These assignments should be completed throughout the course of the day as if it were a regular school day.

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Need Help?

If you need to reach a teacher for help about this assignment please email: melody.lambo@knox.kyschools.us