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4th Grade – All subjects – Tarah Smith Tabitha Wagers

Today’s Assignment

Attached you will find the snow packet for day 7. Please keep this packet in a safe place this is the only packet for day 7 that will be sent home so do not lose it. Once it is announced that we are utilizing an operation snow school day please complete the attached packet of work and return it to your classroom teacher on the day we return to school. If you do lose your packet you can access it on the operation snow school link of the Knox county public schools webpage from there you can either print it or write your answers to the questions on a piece of notebook paper.
Thank you!
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Wagers
Reading: In reading class, we have been identifying author’s purpose and point of view. Please complete the attached reading assignment. Be sure to go back in the text and find text evidence to support each answer. Students need to underline the details and write the number that the detail goes with.
Math: In class we have been discussing multiplying fractions by a whole number. Please complete the attached worksheet. Don’t forget to change your answers to mixed numbers.
Science: We have been studying changes to the Earth’s surface in class. Please read the attached article and answer the questions.
Social Studies: In class we have been studying government. Please complete the attached worksheet about our country’s constitution.

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Need Help?

If you need to reach a teacher for help about this assignment please email: tarah.smith@knox.kyschools.us